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The Counseling Program at Robert E. Ellis Middle School focuses on the rapidly changing needs of adolescents. These changing needs unfold in every aspect of a youth’s life and range from the emotional to the physical, as well as from the personal to the social. As students in Grades 6-8 struggle for an identity, counselors help them to balance these needs with those associated with the school setting. 

Responsive counseling services are provided in individual and group settings when students need help in any of the three areas of emphasis. The student, parent, or member of staff who sees the need for a particular issue to be addressed may initiate these services.





To schedule an appointment with your school counselor:

  • Tell your teacher you need to see the counselor and stop by  your counselor's office.

  • Fill out a blue request form found in the counseling department lobby and slide it under a counselor's door.

  • Send an e-mail to your counselor. Don't forget to include your full name and grade level. 


Blair Bergner
School Counselor
Students with last names L-Z

Jenna Lee
School Counselor
Students with last names A-K

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